What does “Art, Crafts, Jewelry & Collectibles” have to do with ravens and crows, you ask? Well, all corvids (crows, raven, magpies and jays) have a reputation for picking up and hoarding shiny and pretty things! A flying packrat, if you will. And that is definitely me (except for the flying part).

Hello there! I’m Ravyncrow and I’m a compulsive crafter. Welcome to my shop! In this little corner of cyberspace, I hope to bring joy to others and sell some of my work to support my addiction to crafts. Plus, the more I sell, the more I can buy!

My necklaces and bracelets are nearly always strung on flexible, multi-strand steel wire, clear or color coated. Sterling silver, silver plate, gold plate, pewter and rolled gold (gold filled) are the metals I use most, with brass and copper on occasion. My work is made up of precious and semi-precious stones, cultured freshwater pearls, glass, bone, horn, ceramic, wood, crystal and acrylic beads, and occasionally “found” items. A lot of time goes into the designing and implementation, and much enjoyment is derived from making things “just right” for you.

I love all kinds of crafts, including making jewelry, crochet and painted silk, along with sewing and spinning.  I also import unique and interesting items, and collect vintage items as well.  I make dream-catchers, take photographs, and paint both on rocks and on canvas. Handmade papers are another love of mine, but I’ve yet to actually do more than collect and admire them.  Too many hobbies and not enough room! You may see some of just about anything here eventually, so keep checking back for what new things might appear.

I also am drawn to medieval style clothing and jewelry, and anything involving animals. My love of nature comes out in my work on occasion, and I enjoy using natural materials, or images of leaves and animals in whatever craft I’m doing at the time.

If you’d like to see some of my past work, whether for inspiration or ideas for a customized piece of jewelry, please visit my gallery.

As for the collectible part of my tagline, I also collect things I find interesting from around the world.  My collection of vintage items ans antiques is always growing, and you may occasionally find selected items here.  Some of these, like my Tibetan Singing Bowls and Himalayan salts, can be purchased from me and will have a price listed.  Other items may be posted simply in order for me to share their intrigue and beauty with others.  I welcome comments and inquiries on anything you see here, so feel free to contact me with any questions.  Plus, I am always open to requests for customized items, or you can just email me to say hello!

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled.